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Our return policy is pretty simple because we guarantee that your software will work. We provide instant electronic delivery on almost all of our products, and that download will be successful, and your license will be what you need. Your product will activate and register correctly.

We guarantee all of this, so you need not worry. However, sometimes you need something else, or it might happen that something doesn't work. Or, you may have ordered the wrong product. We understand these things happen and will do anything to make it right or take care of what needs to be done. We provide a dedicated support team that works round the clock to provide you with a resolution that works quickly, like giving step-wise technical help or assisting you in starting the software. 

For physical items shipped to you, we need them back un-opened and un-used for a full refund, less any shipping charges incurred. Anything other than that will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and we almost always can work something out. These exceptional cases can and do involve credits or restocking fees. It depends on your situation with the order, so for any query or issue resolution, do not hesitate to reach us. You can contact us within two weeks or 14 days to best resolve any concerns that you might have.

Even with this flexible return policy, there is a time limit due to manufacturers' guidelines, and maybe some imposed costs due to the charges they may pose on us. Any orders beyond 30 days can't be returned or exchanged, and any restocking fees or exchange processing fees imposed upon us from the manufacturers will get passed on.

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