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Enhanced Security, improved end-user experience, and cloud integration is just a few perks for organizations moving to RDS Windows 2019.

Remote Desktop Windows Server 2019 is exponentially increasing and becoming vital to today's digital-driven world. It's specially designed for areas like security, hybrid cloud, and hyper-converged infrastructure.

Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Service has quipped many new and innovative features that help your organization acquire better capabilities. With this, businesses can connect between on-premises and public cloud infrastructures.

Windows 2019 Server Remote Desktop features that support hybrid cloud adoption

Windows Server 2019 RDS is built on the solid foundation of RDS 2016, which allows you to deploy on-premises rapidly or in the cloud. And it supports hybrid and multi-cloud strategies by enabling businesses to carry out a public cloud (via Azure) or on-premises deployments. 

The earlier versions of Windows Server 2019 RDS could store business resources, user personalization data, and settings on on-premises data centers or Azure. By leveraging RDS's existing and new hyper-cloud capabilities, organizations can have more flexibility in building virtual applications and desktop environments.  

Security-related features of Windows Server 2019 RDS 

RDS 2019 strengthens cyber Security with the following features;

  • It enables enterprises to integrate all local and remote server management into Windows Admin Center. This consolidation streamlines specific server administration tasks, like assembling information for troubleshooting and changing particular settings.
  • It has multiple Windows Defender optimizations for multi-session that will safeguard your system from unauthorized access. 
  • It also has improved DTLS-based encryption; DTLS means Datagram Transport Layer Security; it is a protocol used to secure datagram-based communications. 

New features that are a must to highlight

Besides enhanced security features, Windows Server 2019 RDS has a lot more to explore, and Containers is one of them. Windows Server 2019 is the most capable platform to date for hosting containers. In addition to that, it has better forward capabilities and an accessible administrator of the server core. Here are some more; 

Moreover, Windows Server 2019 RDS includes automated client connectivity, which facilitates businesses to permit their team members and clients to access the data anytime.  

Benefits of buying Windows Remote Desktop Server 2019

Remote access is a cost-effective and satisfactory way for corporate IT personnel to speed up the work. Connecting to computer interfaces remotely in the digitized world is much required. Such work contains installing and configuring software, troubleshooting issues, uninstalling software, etc. 

It is broadly used in corporates because it fetches effortless access to a computer, device, or network from a remote distance. However, it also supports access to home networks. Simply put, remote access eliminates the need for a physical presence to log into a system. 

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