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Download SQL Server 2019, the most valuable tool for organizations managing large databases. With the cloud becoming a strategic part of IT services, the new release of new features and services for SQL Server is available to us. SQL Server 2019 with in-cloud and on-premises versions providing more storage and analytic tools.

SQL Server 2019 is obtainable for both Linux and Windows versions with added support for Kubernetes and containers. With built-in help for big data, SQL 2019 brings added security and compliance features, enhanced availability, performance, and advanced analytics to your data workload. 

SQL Server 2019 persists in pushing the security, availability, and performance boundaries for all your data workloads, now with new compliance tools, increased performance on the latest hardware, and high availability on Windows, Linux, and containers. Improved PolyBase lets you query other databases like Oracle, Teradata, and Mongo DB directly from SQL Server without moving or copying the data.


Features that have to be mentioned 

The most Azure-enabled release yet

SQL Server 2019 Download provides uptime with fully controlled disaster recovery in the cloud through the link feature in Azure SQL Managed Instance. Give seamless analytics and insights in near real-time by breaking the wall between operational and analytical stores with Azure Synapse Link. 

Oversee and govern data estate through SQL Server integration with Microsoft Purview and Microsoft Defender for SQL assessments and alerts.


Faster performance, no code changes

The latest Intelligent Query Processing techniques and Query Store improvements mean accelerated performance and tuning with no code changes required.

Expanded security

The database ranked as least vulnerable over the last ten years gets even more security with SQL Server 2022’s always-encrypted improvement, SQL Ledger, and immutable ledger to track evidence of tampering.

Multi-write environment availability

Keep things running flat as a pancake with users across numerous locations. When a conflict is detected, SQL Server 2019 Standard automates the last write wins rule to ensure the most recent modification time is chosen to be persisted on all replicas. 

Always On Availability Groups

An availability group is created to keep the replicate environment for a bunch of user databases named availability. An availability group can be designed for High Availability (HA) or read-scale.

The disappointment of an availability group happens at the level of an availability replica, and the availability database incurs failover altogether.

Machine Learning on Linux

Microsoft has consistently been keen on mixing up the data and the code. Microsoft SQL Server has seen an evolution of this trend from T-SQL to Azure-focused U-SQL, which then developed T-SQL with C# elements. SQL Server then added the embedded R support in 2016. In 2017, this focal point was to extend to add Python to the SQL Server. This has insanely attracted Machine Learning lovers who are not even introduced to SQL Server!


Standard SQL Server 2019: Standard Edition Vs. Enterprise Versions

Enterprise: The enterprise edition of SQL Server 2019 has all the Standard edition features and some other advanced features. This version is just appropriate for companies looking for high scalability and performance.

Standard: SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition Download offers the basic functionalities of databases like reporting, analysis, basic availability features, disaster recovery, and much more. Standard is the most used edition among all the editions. Let’s see what more you can expect. 


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