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Best Antivirus To Protect Your Windows PC 2022

Best Antivirus To Protect Your Windows PC 2022

15th Jun 2022

These days a lot of people are searching for the  best Antivirus for PC. But why do we need it? Over the last few decades, the digital world has seen crucial developments. With most tasks being done on computers and devices over the internet, we have simplified our work and discovered new technologies. However, even in 2022, cyber threats are always prevalent. Even with advanced devices and systems, there are chances that your computer is exposed to malicious software, viruses, hackers, and cybercrime. This means that your personal information, devices, and files are always at risk.

To keep your data and devices protected, it is best to install Antivirus software on your PC. Here are some top Antivirus software that you must try.

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus download comes with many advanced capabilities to keep your Windows PC protected. It keeps your privacy safe with advanced monitoring and automated VPN features to protect your identity and also helps you manage your passwords. It also provides custom guidance with Protection Score and can be set up easily on your PC. Its features include:

  • Virus and Spyware protection - It enables you to run custom, full, or quick scans to detect any threat on your computer. McAfee also provides real-time scanning and scheduled scanning to protect your PC.
  • Web and Email protection - Get Personal Firewall protection from hackers to keep your information safe. Also, get the benefit of Anti-Spam and SiteAdvisor for a better experience while using browser and email.
  • PC Optimization - McAfee not only protects your Windows PC but also optimizes it for better and more efficient use. Use the QuickClean feature to erase unnecessary files on your PC to boost performance.
  • Data Protection and Backup - Keep your data and information safe with Anti-Theft that enables you to lock files. You can also save your important files with the online backup ability and access them from anywhere. It also includes Shredder, which deletes sensitive information from your PC and reduces the risk of cybercrimes.
  • My Home Network - From here, you can view the PCs and devices that are connected to your network and resolve any security issues on PCs that are running McAfee.
  • Parental Controls - With this, control what your family can access on the web. It is a highly useful feature for families with small children.

Norton Security

Get complete protection for your PC, online privacy, and identity with  Norton Security download. This antivirus software provides multi-layered malware protection and is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based security technology. Its capabilities include:

  • Intrusion Prevention - Checks any new information entering your PC from a network and effectively blocks potential threats.
  • Antivirus with Advanced Machine Learning - Scans and eliminates files that contain malware using machine learning and emulation on your system.
  • Power Eraser - Removes any high-risk apps and malware that may be present on your PC
  • Reputation Protection (Insight) - Classifies software application files by acquiring reputation information from the global network.
  • Behavioral Protection - Detects any suspicious behavior by monitoring applications and blocks the threats if found.

This antivirus has the ability to fight modern-day cyber threats and keep your information and PC always protected. It safeguards your computer from various malware and cybercrimes like Formjacking, Cryptojacking, Ransomware, Remote Access Trojans (RAT), etc.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Keep your Windows PC protected from cryptolockers, ransomware, and hackers. This antivirus runs seamlessly in the background. It provides real-time protection against viruses & malware. It safeguards your PC from cyber-attacks and ensures its smooth and efficient working. Kaspersky comes with triple-layer security to defend your home network from various attacks with its comprehensive threat protection.

  • Proactive Detection - Searches for vulnerabilities and threats on your Windows PC.
  • Real-Time Protection - Prevents cyber threats from taking control of your PC or files.
  • Instant Neutralization - Isolates the affected files and eliminates the threat.

This advanced antivirus has anti-hacking, anti-virus, and anti-malware capabilities to keep your Windows PC always safe from threats. Kaspersky Antivirus price differs with how many users you purchase it for.

Keep your Windows PC protected from any threats by using any of these top Antivirus software. Purchase them from  SoftwareDeals at competitive prices. We provide you with genuine products with 24/7 support from our technical experts. Contact us anytime to clear your doubts and queries!

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