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Everything You Need To Know About Windows 11

Everything You Need To Know About Windows 11

12th Jul 2023

Windows 11 is developed to bring you closer to what you love!

Are you still operating an outdated OS on your computer? If so, it's time for an uprise! Windows 11 Pro is packed with features that will make your computing experience sounder than ever before.

Windows 11 has the most simplified design and user experience to empower your productivity. Everything was done deliberately, from the new Start button and Taskbar to each sound, font, and icon to put you in control and bring a feel of calm and ease.

Other than this, the new Windows 11 has Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops to deliver an even more effective way to multitask and stay on top of what you need to get accomplished.

In short, Microsoft Windows 11 is the perfect fit for users who want a more efficient, snappier, and more secure operating system. Let's see what else you are going to experience with this new operating system.

Features You Must Check Out in Windows 11

New Start Menu

The latest Start Menu is the most unique part of Microsoft's next-gen desktop Operating System. Unlike the traditional Start Menu, the latest Start Menu sits right at the center of the Taskbar.

It has a flyout strategy with pinned and suggested apps that go along with each other. The recommendations are pretty good. It quickly shows you access to documents, photos, and apps that you have recently installed.

The Latest Action Center

The latest action center is the second most loved feature of Windows 11. It is the revamped Action Center and follows a design tongue we have seen on mobile OSes. You can now easily click on the cooperative "WiFi, volume, and battery" button to unlock the new Action Center. It packs all the critical controls, including brightness and volume sliders.

In addition to that, you will get the more faster Bluetooth connection, and the best part is that now you don't need to dive into settings to pair your device. It also accommodates notifications in a clean design with badge support and suggests ample space to reply or clear the clutter.

Universal Media Control

Now you can easily control all your media playback from the unique Action Center on Windows 11. No matter if you are watching a YouTube video, playing a Spotify playlist, or something else, everything shows up in the Action Center.

Modern File Explorer

File Explorer on Windows has been a point of contention among Windows users. The latest File Explorer is functional and has all the features you require. You have colorful new icons, a unique Context menu, and a Power bar up top, which substitutes the current Ribbon menu bar.

In fact, Microsoft has also held the Folder Options. And you can get the previous Context menu, too; for that, you just need to tap on "Show more options."

Faster Windows Updates

Yes, you've heard that right. With Windows 11, you will have a much quicker Windows update process, thanks to the background installation mechanism. Microsoft has vowed that Windows updates will now be 40% more miniature, making the process even more efficient.

These are just a few of the new features in Windows 11; there are a lot more to explore. Other than these fantastic features, let's see the major difference between the previous operating system and Windows 11.

Windows 11 Vs. Windows 10: Which One Is Better

A Design Rebirth

Windows 11 makes a huge visual departure for Microsoft. In the latest operating system, The Taskbar and the Start menu are at the screen's center. This makes it look more impressive as compared to Windows 10 Home.

Start Menu & Task Bar

The Start Menu and the Taskbar is the biggest difference between Windows 10 and 11,

In Windows 11, you will only see a static list of apps, followed by your most frequented documents at the footing. So basically, Windows 11 is a lot more simplistic as compared to the previous one.

Android Apps Integration

Now you can run Android apps in your operating system because Windows 11's app store brings support for Android apps via the Amazon Appstore.

Enhanced Gaming Features

Windows 11 is the most suitable gaming operating system for you. Recent Windows 11 updates enclosed optimizations for running games in windowed mode, and it keeps features like Auto HDR and DirectStorage.

You can go through the table given below for a quick view of Windows 10 Vs. Windows 11

Features Windows 10 Windows 11
Released Date July 2015 June 2021
Functionality Based on Android Based on MacOS
RAM & Storage 2 GB RAM & 32 GB Storage 4 GB RAM & 64 GB Storage
Start Menu At the left Adjustable
Microsoft Support MS will end the support in 2025 MS will end the support till the next version is launched

So, these were the major differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11 both are good at their own places, but if you want new features, then you must go with Windows 11.

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