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How is Microsoft Project Still a Leading Project Management Software?

How is Microsoft Project Still a Leading Project Management Software?

30th Aug 2023

Microsoft Project holds a longstanding history and is often hailed as the pioneer of project management software. Its inception marked a significant step in streamlining project planning and execution. Over time, the landscape has evolved, witnessing the emergence of numerous alternatives such as JIRA, Trello, and Asana.

Each of these platforms brings its own unique approach to project management, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of teams worldwide. As the digital realm continues to advance, this array of options reflects the ever-growing demand for efficient and collaborative project management solutions.

And guess what? All the advancements are just a purchase away from you. Just Download MS Project 2021 and enjoy the advancement with multiple new features.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how Microsoft Project can be your savior and help you to handle complex projects.

Microsoft Project: A Universal Tool For Every Business

According to research by Gartner, Microsoft won the hearts of every industry. The benefits of MS Project are not only restricted to its jaw-dropping features, but its fantastic tool runs on every device, such as computers, phones, and MacOS.

Microsoft Project and its all versions are more advanced than some of the popular productivity tools, and this is what sets it apart from its competitors.

With resource management, road mapping, and reporting capabilities, Microsoft has done a great job. In addition to that, this fantastic tool can also help you with project scheduling with task dependencies and project timelines for future project predictions. Isn’t it great?

Now let’s discuss the core features of Microsoft Project…

Core Features of Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a project management software developed by Microsoft that assists project managers and teams in planning, tracking, and managing projects of various sizes and complexities. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are some of the core features of Microsoft Project:

Project Planning:

Microsoft Project allows users to create comprehensive project plans by defining tasks, setting dependencies, assigning resources, and estimating durations for each task. This helps in creating a structured roadmap for the project.

Gantt Charts:

Gantt charts are visual representations of project schedules that show tasks, their start and end dates, and their dependencies. Microsoft Project offers interactive Gantt charts that provide a clear overview of the project timeline.

Resource Management:

Users can allocate resources (such as team members, equipment, and materials) to tasks and manage resource availability and workloads. The software provides tools to track resource utilization and ensure efficient allocation.

Task Dependencies:

Project tasks often have dependencies, where one task must be completed before another can start. Microsoft Project enables users to define and visualize these task relationships, helping to sequence activities properly.

Critical Path Analysis:

The critical path represents the longest sequence of dependent tasks that determine the project's overall duration. Microsoft Project can calculate and display the critical path, allowing project managers to identify tasks that must be closely monitored to prevent delays.

Baseline Tracking:

Users can set baselines to capture the original project plan. As the project progresses, deviations from the baseline are tracked, allowing project managers to compare planned vs. actual progress and make necessary adjustments.

Progress Tracking:

Microsoft Project provides tools to update task statuses, record completed work, and compare actual progress with the planned schedule. This helps in maintaining an accurate view of the project's current state. And the best part is that you can get this feature plus more new features in the latest Microsoft Project 2019 Professional Download version.

Customizable Views:

Users can create custom views and reports to visualize project data in ways that suit their needs. This can include various tables, charts, graphs, and filters to focus on specific aspects of the project.


The software offers various pre-built reports and templates for sharing project status, resource allocation, task completion, and other relevant information with stakeholders.


Microsoft Project can integrate with other Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel, Word, and SharePoint, as well as other project management and collaboration tools. This enables seamless data exchange and collaboration within an organization.


With integration to SharePoint and other collaboration tools, Microsoft Project supports teamwork and communication by allowing team members to access project data, contribute updates, and collaborate on tasks.

Portfolio Management:

In more advanced versions of Microsoft Project, there are features for managing a portfolio of projects, prioritizing initiatives, and allocating resources strategically across multiple projects.

So these were the best and the most loved features of Microsoft Project. And for more details, you can contact us through our website.

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