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Microsoft SQL Server Web or Standard: Make the Right Decision!

Microsoft SQL Server Web or Standard: Make the Right Decision!

3rd Aug 2022

SQL Server is an advanced relational database management system (RDBMS) designed by Microsoft. It is built on the SQL programming language used by database administrators and professionals. This cutting-edge platform supports business intelligence, transaction processing and analytics applications in a professional IT environment. The SQL Server 2019 Standard License - Instant Download provides a quick solution to manage vast business data.

MS SQL is used by medium and large organizations and offers a wide range of tools to simplify business operations. It is used for storing and retrieving data as requested by applications. Although it is a complex software that can connect with other applications for performing sophisticated tasks, it is easy to learn and use. It is available in multiple editions depending on the needs of various users. This blog will focus on the Web and Standard edition of SQL Server.

Why Do You Need SQL Server?

Database management is the key to success and is required because businesses are going through digital transformation. Here, MS SQL shows many impressive features for managing databases. It has futuristic capabilities to accommodate your workloads and various benefits to simplify your work.

  • Easy to Install and Use - Microsoft SQL Server is easy to install, and you get full instructions when you buy from an authentic platform like us. Unlike other database platforms, it has a user-friendly interface that is easy to learn and deploy.
  • Enhanced Performance and Security - MS SQL offers its users next-gen features for compression and encryption. This helps in improving the performance and makes database management more effortless. It also comes with advanced security layers to keep your data protected from attacks.
  • Advanced Recovery - Get reliability for your data with SQL Server. This software enables you to recover and restore your data that may have been damaged or lost. It comes with advanced recovery tools to ensure your business continuity is maintained.

MS SQL Server Web vs Standard

SQL Server Web is a low-cost edition for users that do not require advanced functions. It is ideal for Web hosters and Web VAPs and provides scalability. This edition allows users to manage databases at an affordable cost.

SQL Server 2019 Standard - Download is ideal for small businesses and departments for data management and business intelligence database. It enables them to run applications and supports on-premise and cloud-based development tools with minimal use of resources.

Let us see how the Web and Standard editions differ.

  • SQL Memory Support - This feature is essential for assessing the impact of future upgrades for SQL Server. The controller for Distributed Display in the Web edition is limited to one. On the other hand, the Standard edition offers more than one Distributed Display controller.
  • Cores and Sockets - The Web edition has a four-socket limit with a maximum of 16 cores. The limit of sockets is four for the Standard edition with 24 cores maximum limit.
  • Memory Limit - SQL Web edition offers a maximum memory of 64 GB. This gives organizations ample space to store and organize their data. The Standard edition provides users with 128 GB of memory which makes it suitable for large businesses too.
  • Security - The Standard edition includes row security level and data masking capabilities. These tools provide layers of protection for the data database and keep the data safe. These features are not present in the Web edition, which may expose it to security breaches.
  • Replication - The Standard edition offers replication as a publisher or database master. This feature is available only as a subscriber or database slave in the Web edition.
  • Backup Compression - This feature delivers additional capabilities without any disruption in managing the data. It enables users to enhance the backup speed of their databases. This advanced ability is only present in the Standard edition and not included in the Web edition.
  • Group Support - The group support feature in the Standard edition makes SQL Server a lot easier to operate. In contrast, the Web edition does not include the group support feature, which is why the Standard edition is preferred for small businesses.

Which Edition Should You Choose?

The Web edition of SQL Server is a suitable and affordable option for small businesses and professionals who initially do not wish to spend too much. It offers most capabilities for database management but comes with certain limits. The Web edition is ideal if you want to test things out, but the Standard edition works best regarding advanced features. It is suitable for small or new businesses with basic database management requirements. It has better security tools and offers more functionalities to keep your data safe.

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