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Top things to know before Licensing your Operating System Environment

Top things to know before Licensing your Operating System Environment

24th Mar 2023

Understanding SQL Server 2019 Licensing is always challenging because it may be an organization's software infrastructure's most expensive and critical element. It can be confusing to understand, but the good news is that Microsoft offers various licensing options with SQL Server 2019.

Hence, Microsoft provides two types of licensing models for SQL Server. And they are; one is the core-based licensing model, and the other one-server + CAL(Client Access License) based. Yes, you are right; the second one is Server+CAL licensing.

One SQL Server license is required (based on physical server/VM/Container), along with CAL for each user/device. Each user connecting to the server directly or indirectly (e.g., Excel) will require CAL.

Please note: Multiplexing doesn’t subside the CAL license requirement. This model works well for small businesses when the users/devices are limited.

Let's learn in-depth about these license models nd the editions available in Microsoft SQL server 2019.

Microsoft Core-based Licensing:

You must purchase a core-based license if you have Windows Server Standard or Datacenter edition. You can calculate the number of licenses your business needs by the number of licenses you need, which is determined by the number of server cores inside the number of processors.

The core-based licensing model gives customers a more accurate measure of computing power. This model provides a more consistent licensing metric of whether solutions are deployed on physical on-premises servers or virtual environments. You can go for the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Licensing Guide for more detailed information.

If you are using or you want to go with core-based licensing, then you must follow these three rules:

  • Every processor must be licensed to cover a minimum of 8 cores
  • Every server must be licensed to cover a minimum of 16 cores
  • All physical cores in a server must be licensed

What are the different editions available with SQL Server 2019?

When discussing core-based licensing, we heard about two editions: standard and datacenter. They are just two of them. In total, five editions are present with the SQL server: standard, web, enterprise, developer, and express. For core-based licensing, you need a standard or datacenter. So let's discuss them first.

Do you have a small or medium size business? Then you need SQL Server 2019 Standard Download is the perfect product that delivers essential data management and an intelligent business database for small and medium-sized enterprises. It braces common development tools for on-premises and cloud-enabling effective database management with minimal IT resources.

IT resources mean IT infrastructure, cloud services, software, and/or hardware with computing and/or networking capabilities owned by the supplier, managed by the university, or used for university business. They also include personally owned devices that store institutional information, are linked to UC networks or systems, or are connected to UC systems.

What has been included in SQL Server 2019 Standard edition?

  • Dynamic data masking: Helps to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • SQL Server integration services: A platform for building enterprise-level data integration and data transformation solution
  • Data quality services: DQS means a knowledge-driven data quality product that enables you to assemble a knowledge base and use it to execute a heterogeneity of censorious data quality tasks, with correction, standardization, and de-duplication of your data.
  • SQL server analysis services: (SSAS) is online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining tool in Microsoft SQL Server.
  • SQL server management studio: This is an integrated environment for conducting any SQL infrastructure, from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database.
  • Quickened database recovery: (ADR) is a SQL Server database engine feature that significantly improves database availability, especially in the presence of long-running transactions, by redesigning the SQL Server database engine recovery process
  • Database mail: It is an enterprise solution for sending e-mail from the SQL Server Database Engine or Azure SQL Managed Instance.
  • Reporting services features: (SSRS) provides a set of on-premises tools and services that create, deploy, and manage paginated reports.

Now, you know the advantages of the Standard edition. But does this edition come in a bundle of CAL licensing? So, the answer is yes, the SQL Server 2019 Standard With 10 CALs - Download, 5 CALs, 50 CALs, and more. So you can secure it according to your business requirement. With this, it will be easier to manage your business in a way that was impossible before. It is perfect for those companies with countable numbers of employees, and the best part is it is economical and proves cheaper for your sky-touching growing business.


For Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Price, you can visit the page of SoftwareDeals or contact the team. Also, you can compare the price on the same platform, as the different products with different CALs comprise different prices. After gaining all the required knowledge, you can purchase the available editions of Microsoft SQL server according to your organization's needs.

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