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Does Microsoft Office come with Windows 10?

Does Microsoft Office come with Windows 10?

20th Jun 2024

For many computer users, Microsoft Office is practically synonymous with productivity. Whether you're crunching numbers in Excel, crafting proposals in Word, or setting up presentations in PowerPoint, MS Office has been a staple on PCs for decades. However, with the rollout of Windows 10, there's a common question lingering in the minds of users: Does Microsoft Office come with Windows 10? In this article, we'll explore the relationship between MS Windows and MS Office, where to buy MS Windows 10, and how SoftwareDeals can help you navigate these waters.

Understanding the Relationship Between MS Windows and MS Office

Windows 10 is an operating system, the foundation on which you can run various applications, including MS Office. Microsoft Office, on the other hand, is a suite of productivity applications. They are separate products developed by Microsoft, and owning or purchasing one doesn't necessarily mean you have the other.

Pre-installed Applications

Some new PCs come with a version of Microsoft Office pre-installed. However, this is not a feature of Windows 10 itself but rather an additional bonus provided by the PC manufacturer. It's also worth noting that pre-installed Office typically comes with a limited-time subscription or in a trial version, after which you would need to purchase a license to continue using it.

How to Get Microsoft Office with Windows 10

Purchasing Options

When it comes to acquiring Microsoft Office for your Windows 10 machine, there are a few routes you can take:

Office 365 Subscription

Microsoft has moved towards a subscription model with Office 365 (recently rebranded as Microsoft 365). This service provides the latest Office applications and comes with additional features like cloud storage on OneDrive and various other perks.

One-time Purchase

For those who prefer to steer clear of subscriptions, Microsoft still offers the option to buy Office as a one-time purchase. You pay upfront for the Office applications, and you own them forever, without further subscription costs. However, unlike Microsoft 365, you won't receive the ongoing updates and new features.


Platforms like SoftwareDeals offer competitive pricing on Microsoft Office products, whether you're looking for a subscription or a one-time purchase. They provide a convenient and cost-effective way to buy MS Office for your Windows 10 PC.

Why Doesn't Windows 10 Come with Microsoft Office?

  • Monetization Strategy

Microsoft has chosen to keep Windows and Office as separate products as part of its monetization strategy. By offering Office as a separate product, they can cater to different user needs and preferences, offering various versions of Office at different price points.

  • User Flexibility

Not all Windows users require Microsoft Office. By keeping these products separate, users have the flexibility to choose alternative productivity suites or to opt for Microsoft Office if it suits their needs.

  • Market Competition

In the spirit of healthy market competition, keeping Office separate from Windows allows other software developers to offer competing productivity suites. This diversification benefits consumers by providing a range of options and price points.

Where to Buy MS Windows 10 and MS Office

Where to Buy Windows 10 and Office

Authorized Retailers

Authorized retailers and resellers, both online and brick-and-mortar stores, also offer Microsoft products. It's important to ensure that you're buying from an authorized source to avoid counterfeit software.


SoftwareDeals is an excellent platform for finding deals on Microsoft products. They often have promotions and discounts on MS Windows 10 and MS Office, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious consumers.

Tips for Choosing the Right Microsoft Office Version

Assess Your Needs

Before making a purchase, consider your specific needs and visit the SoftwareDeals website for more options and comparisons. Are you a student, a professional, or a home user? The required applications and features may vary depending on your use case.

Compare Versions

Take the time to compare the different versions of Microsoft Office. Each version comes with a specific set of applications and features. For example, the Home & Student version may not include Outlook, which is more commonly used by professionals.

Check for Bundles and Discounts

Look for bundles and discounts, especially during seasonal sales or back-to-school promotions. You might be able to get Microsoft Office at a significantly reduced price when bundled with other products or services. SoftwareDeals is a brand that manages client relationships by offering them maximum discounts and special offers

The Future of Microsoft Office and Windows Integration

Cloud-based Productivity

With the rise of cloud computing, Microsoft has been integrating its Office suite more closely with the cloud, through services like OneDrive and Office Online. This shift might change how we think about software ownership and access in the future.

Windows and Office Synchronization

Microsoft is continuously working on better synchronization between Windows and Office, aiming to provide a seamless experience across devices and applications. While Office may not come pre-installed with Windows 10, the integration between the two is likely to deepen.


In conclusion, Microsoft Office does not come with Windows 10 as a standard feature. They are distinct products offered by Microsoft, each with its own licensing and purchasing options. While some new PCs may include a version of Office, it's important to understand the terms and limitations associated with those offers.

For users looking to buy MS Windows 10 or MS Office, platforms like SoftwareDeals offer a convenient and cost-effective means to secure these essential tools.

With the evolving landscape of software and cloud services, who knows how Microsoft may bundle or integrate their products in the future? For now, though, users have a variety of options to access the powerful combination of Windows 10 and Microsoft Office.

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